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About Us

Old Town was inspired by one man’s dream. After traveling throughout Europe and living in small coastal towns in Northern California, developer Wells Marvin moved to La Quinta with his family in 1997 to develop new homes. They brought with them a love of art and the California Renaissance architecture that defines the beauty of Santa Barbara, Carmel and the historic La Quinta Hotel and Resort.

With a commitment to the best of California craftsmanship and lifestyle, Wells spent seven years building Old Town. He created what has become La Quinta’s Main Street, a gathering place that reflects the romance and ambience of the promise that first inspired it.

Old Town’s architectural charm and casual elegance are only outdone by surrounding vistas of the legendary Santa Rosa mountains.

Old Town’s uniqueness is defined from the inside-out. We are dedicated to local entrepreneurs, chefs and farmers because we believe that the good life includes the fulfillment of individual dreams. Yours, theirs, and ours.

Life slows down at Old Town. We tell time on the hour when we hear the bell toll on Main Street.

Above the shops and restaurants at Old Town, people have offices. Our idea of work-life balance includes being surrounded by beauty, music, easy access to freshly-baked muffins with coffee in the morning, and perhaps a sip of wine at the end of the day.

We practice the philosophy of pleasure on a daily basis by offering enjoyment of the simple things in life.

Old Town is not only a place where memories are made, it is a place where you are remembered.

To truly appreciate Old Town, we invite you to experience it yourself.

Visit us and become part of our community.

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