New York Life - Michaela Herrera

New York Life - Michaela Herrera

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With 20 + years of experience in both the mental health profession, and finance combined, I have come to a place of being able to listen carefully to the needs of my clients, and work with them to create a solid plan that carefully and accurately fits those needs in order to provide peace of mind, and the confidence to help them hit their target financial goals. Be it retirement, wealth building, or the many other financial goals that arise in life, together.

I am a firm believer that if you listen to, and work closely with clients and partners, you will arrive at a point of success far greater than you might have originally imagined.


  • Retirement & Long Term Care
  • Tax Diversification
  • Child Gifting
  • Wealth & Legacy Protection
  • Mortgage Protection


Michaela Herrera, MA-New York Life